Blooming in the colours of the canvas Colourful nature and life – Shalini Pandey


Drawing life in colours is a blessing only for those who are immersed in spiritual art life. So are every one of Shalini’s paintings. The levels at which they interact with us are profound. Most of Shalini’s paintings on the mature canvas are touches of life or intertwined with any other ideas associated with them. In Shalini’s paintings, which have an inseparable connection with nature, we also see a fine conduit of nature.

Born as the daughter of Anjani Kumar Pandey from an ordinary family in Allahabad, Shalini Pandey displayed her artistic talent at an early age. Shalini, who now resides in Delhi, was taking classes for several students. After working as an illustrator at Orient Fashion Export from 2013 to 2015, Shalini has been a full-time lecturer at the Institute of Performing Arts in Delhi since 2016. Shalini, who made her class online after the lockdown, is confident that she will survive this period. 

Shalini, who works wonders in acrylic and oil, is an excellent mural painter and wall painter. Shalini Pandey, a young artist, is ready to put the magical touch of her brush on the walls of special homes, rather than institutions, as needed by those who approach her. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design from the University of Lucknow in 2013, she now is studying Master of Fine Art from Raja MansinghTomar University. 

It is no wonder that Shalini Pandey is one of the best painters in India who has conducted many exhibitions and group exhibitions across the country. Some of her painting exhibitions are ‘Anchal’ Textiles Exhibition in 2011, NSS painting exhibition in 2012-13, Camp Exhibition Organized by College of Arts and Crafts Lucknow, Annual Art Exhibition Organized by College of Arts and Lucknow 2011, Group Exhibition ‘Spirit of Art’ painting exhibition in IPA, Painting exhibition organized by Delhi International Film Festival, PTP Society Painting Exhibition 2018.

Shalini Pandey’s rare moments with the editor of the international news portal Global News Network.

Want to explain how you are in front of others. Are you an artist or a teacher? Or is it something else?

Ultimately, I am an artist. I realized years ago that a life of art was mine. I really love the art in my soul more sincerely. So, the most important thing is to be an artist. Then I became a teacher and a painter. I love dreams and I love to paint my dreams and thoughts on canvas with different colours.

In your view, are new artists getting enough encouragement from our government and cultural authorities?

There are a quite a few things being done by the government to support new talent and artists, but significant work is still needed to be done to make people aware of art and to encourage the art fraternity. It needs to be explored in detail whether a painting is receiving as much prominence as other art forms. Authorities in some states may be doing it, but we need to think about whether those who need it are getting it when they need it.

What kind of pictures do you prefer to draw? For example, Modern art or realistic paintings?

I like to draw realistic pictures and I am fascinated by the roles of women in society. So, I like to paint varied female moods in my work. The emotional moments of women are immensely important. Especially for Indian women. Every woman living in a social environment here has to go through emotional situations that are compelling in their lives. I try to get more of them onto the canvas.

How is the support from your family in your life as a painter?

My family is helping me a lot in this regard. They have a good desire that I should become a world-renowned painter. Especially since we came to Lucknow from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh just to grow and grow my career. This support of the family is my strength and energy.

The most influenced person in life, and why, how?

They say your mother is your first teacher. My mother is very creative and artistic in her nature. Though she does not have a formal education in art she taught me the basics of art at an early stage. She has a great influence on my life and I always look up to her for any guidance and support.  

Do you have any new plans to showcase your artistic talent to the community? 

I will make the most of every opportunity to showcase my talents to the world. I think it’s an obligation to the community. Any artist thinks he or she has a commitment to society. I will try to do what the community wants me to do as well. My canvases speak to the community itself.

How did this period of the COVID epidemic affect your artistic career?

COVID has affected each one of us but everyone’s journey through this pandemic is different. I am happy to have the support of the family, my mentor TanveeRathor, and my friend and guide Ms. Praveen Ji. COVID affected everyone in this world equally. It also affected the artists the most. I even had to start online classes now. I am optimistic that the world will get rid of this soon.

Everyone concentrated to do everything online, so how do you manage your career with this kind of online networking?

I have been taking online classes for adults and kids regularly. Students are happy that they have this opportunity to learn online in this adverse situation. Online classes have been a boon both for the teachers and the students. Many people still ask me about online classes. I am ready to take classes no matter who approaches. I’m happy too.

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