“ Boy with luv ” hits 1 Billion


Billboard’s top singers where army’s call their beloved idols, BTS world’s biggest boy band group has more than 2 billion views in YouTube. BTS in their collaboration with one of the famous American singer Halsey had become a big hit. Their mv “Boy with luv” which was apparently released on April 12, 2019 has become a global success by achieving more than 1 billion views on YouTube. With two songs having more than 1 billion views, BTS is grabbing so much attention from people around the world.

“DNA” was BTS’s first song which got 1 billion. After DNA, now we have “Boy with luv” with more than 1 billion views. BTS has premiered their song dynamite on august 21, 2020 which has also been achieving more than 500 million views within 1 month. Dynamite was the first ever English whole song released by a Korean group. It was also the first song by Korean group to be in billboard’s top 100 for nearly 2 weeks.

BTS which is the short form of BANGTAN SONYEDAN called bulletproof boy scouts in Korean is a seven member boy group, their leader Kim Namjoon also known as rap monster and rm, the oldest member in the group Kim Seokjin, one of the main rapper Min Yoongi also called as Suga as his stage name, Jung Hosek also known as Jhope, park Jiimin where members also call him mochi, Kim Taehyung also known as V, and the youngest member jeon Junkook. They have started the group since 2013 and 2020 has become an important year in their life because of their 7 years living together and the formation of their group.

Not only as a group but each of the members has their own single solo song in their credit. They have also achieved more than 50 awards having more than 120 nominations. Till now BTS have released eight studio albums (one of which was reissued under a different title), four compilation albums and six extended plays, with a total of 12 albums. Armys are waiting for their upcoming 2020 album “map of the soul 7: the journey” and “BE”. BTS are rising so fast with so much love and support, all thanks to their fans (armys) and hardwork brought up by them for creating such wonderful works.

-Peeli Pampally



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